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Having taught interior design and styling in London and South Coast universities since 2006, it is time to get online and share my skills! My first class on Skillshare.com (premium) is for any level of student that wishes to find a new way to create an interior scheme.  It will give a creative methodology so that you don’t find yourself just thumbing through catalogues and websites.  There will be more interior design skills classes to come. Please do get in touch using the contact form if there’s something you feel you’d like to learn. All feedback helps me to create the right classes.

Need even more reason to learn? Check out this review from Emma.
“I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it. I think the presenter has done a lot of workshops around this idea of pulling design inspiration from examining an artwork and I felt like I was in a workshop, which was great. I have just ordered a large artwork for my bedroom, so it was great to sit down and really look at it in detail and draw design ideas from it. I would love the teacher to do more classes like this! (She mentioned at the end that she might do a class around presenting ideas to clients, and I thought that sounded very interesting. I’m not a pro interior designer, but I do it for friends and family as a hobby, and I’m always wondering how much visual info I should be presenting to them). Thanks!”